SURVEY - 10 Questions - Script 3

1. How happy are you with your timeshare? (On a scale of 1 to 10, with; 1 being Happy and 10 being Not Happy) *

2. How many phone calls do you get every year regarding your timeshare? *

3. Have you ever Listed your timeshare for sale? *

a. How many times have you Listed it?

b. Is it currently Listed?

c. How much have you spent in Listing Fees?

4. Have you ever attended a “Liquidation Seminar?” *

a. Remember the name of the Company?

b. What was the Price Quoted to you (USD)?

c. Why [did you / did you not] do it?

5. How interested are you in getting out of your timeshare? (1 you want to Keep It, and; 10 you want to Get Rid of It) *

6. What Resort(s) do you own? Location(s)? *

a. How many Weeks / Points?

Is it Ann / Bi / Tri?

Do you have RCI or II?

7. How long have you owned? *

Use often?

Last time you used it?

8. Is your timeshare, Paid-In-Full, or do you have a Mortgage? *

Purchase Price?

a. How much are your Monthly Payments?

9. How much are your Maintenance Fees per year?

10. Are your Maintenance Fees current? *

How far behind?

Client's First Name: *

Client's Last Name: *

Email: *